Friday, November 6, 2009

P.C.E.A. Guest House - Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is on the equator so the sun sets very early, about 630pm. When we arrived it was dark and the capital city of Nairobi was a ghost town. The streets had very little traffic and I could not see anyone walking around the town. We went to the P.C.E.A. Guest House. The guest house is basically a hotel that was surrounded by a wall with guards and razor wire. The staff was very friendly and they met us outside with a table offering juice. It was a juice blend of passion fruit and grapefruit juice. In Kenya fruit juice is a luxury item and it may be the sweetest thing in a Kenyan's diet.

My bed in the guest house had a mosquito net. I was very tired so I took an Ambien (sleeping pill) and sleep like I was in a coma. I do remember hearing mosquitos flying around and I felt very safe inside the net. At 5am the Mosque next door played it's prayer calls so loud that the windows rattled. My roommate woke up with the Muslim prayer calls but I slept on until about 630am. Breakfast was an adventure by itself because the food was so different and I was not sure what was safe to eat. I had the omelet with cheese and sausage (in natural casings) with instant coffee. We prayed and boarded our buses for an all day ride to Nanyuki, the village that would become the base for our work over the next 10 days.

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